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Course Focus: Enhanced Force Investigations
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April 23-25, 2024 (Des Moines, Iowa)
May 29-31, 2024 (Nashville, TN)
November 12-14, 2024 (Chandler, AZ)

Tuition: $997.00 (3 - Day)

Enhanced Force Investigation

If you are involved in any way with a Force investigation, review, analysis, or internal, or external adjudication process, this course is necessary.

Most police use-of-force incidents are investigated by detectives that generally investigate crimes against people. Officer-involved use-of-force investigations are not the same as investigating crimes against people and require a different perspective and skillset.

These skills are crucial to thorough and complete investigations, reviews, and analyses. The information derived from the initial investigation will be the anchor for all subsequent processes in the following ways:

Internal & Administrative Investigations: The information, data and statements gained by investigators will influence subsequent administrative investigations within the agency. This can potentially lead to discipline, termination, or exoneration.

Criminal Prosecution: Investigative findings will be used by criminal prosecutors.

Civil Litigation: Civil rights cases can be heavily impacted based on the initial investigation, review, and analysis.

Perspective and specific skills related to force investigations and analysis are a must. For that reason, Critical Incident Review has developed a class that encompasses multiple areas:

  • Human Performance Under Stress: Investigators will learn to apply science to their investigation to determine the reasonableness of an officer’s actions.

  • Cognitive Interview: Attendees will learn how to elicit the most complete information possible during an officer interview through practical exercises.

  • The Global Investigative Process: Attendees will look at the broader scope of force investigations to see how decisions made in the initial investigation have an impact throughout the process.

  • Biases in Investigations: Learn to navigate biases that can taint the entire investigation.

  • Investigative Failures: Experience first-hand examples of failures in force investigations and the resounding effect they have had on officers, agencies, and civil litigation.

Training OIS/force investigation teams is even more important to these outcomes. Each agency has their own culture and varying levels of training, experience, and awareness of the use of force investigations.

About the Instructor: Jamie Borden is a retired Police Sergeant from Henderson, Nevada. Nevada’s second largest city forms the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. He is a court-certified expert in the Use of Force, Police Practices, and Forensic Video Analysis.

Jamie has reviewed thousands of force incidents and has been an expert in over 170 civil or criminal law enforcement use of force cases. He travels the country teaching thousands of officers, attorneys, and civilians the lessons learned from each of those cases.

Format: The class is in a lecture and discussion format. Each student is encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences for the benefit of the class.
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