General Force Investigations looking at officer involved use of force investigations and the perils that face all tenures of officer. Get other perspectives on investigative processes and protocols.
Video Review and Examination A sharp look at understanding how video can distort the reality experienced by the officer involved in a critical use of force. Gather perspective on how video can potentially contaminate officers memory if strict protocols are not developed and adhered to.
Police Force Analysis General perspectives regarding all areas of police use-of-Force and the ensuing investigative reviews and the analysis of the officers actions. From the incident to the internal and external adjudication of these highly complex cases.
Policy Application in Use of Force - How policy is used before, during and after the investigative processes in a police use-of-force. Policy used as a measure of safety, appropriate actions, or adequate training requires a thoughtful and varied perspective with input from all resources.

The CIR Team has logged thousands of hours of continued and focused education in the field of Human Behavioral Sciences as it relates to law enforcement and has also logged thousands of hours of documented instruction time with multiple law enforcement entities as instructors, lecturers and authors.