Advanced Human Factors for Force Analysis

Introduction to Critical Incident Report Writing and Statements

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Course Focus: Introduction to Critical Incident Report Writing and Statements
Report Writing & Statements; Giving a Complete Account of a Critical Incident
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As an officer involved in a critical incident you must have an awareness of your own limitations, the limitations of video and the significance of the ability to report YOUR account of the incident. Sgt. Jamie Borden (Ret) and Dr. Paul Taylor discuss the important factors regarding the report writing process and statements that are the integral component of a complete and thorough investigation. This class looks closely at the importance of understanding human factors, decision-making and memory issues that can affect your report or the statements you make that will impact the investigative process. Join CIR for this 4 hour introduction into the most important aspect of your career, giving a complete account.

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CIR Services

An allegation of a constitutional violation by any individual requires an experienced police officer and an expert in the field to help.
Video does not speak for itself and requires special training and forensic software to verify the accuracy of events on video.
Critical Incident Reviews reveal lessons learned and help an agency evaluate and adjust its training, policies and operations.


For the protection of the Citizen, the Officer and the process, you must consider an experienced expert. CIR provides unique experience, specializing in the Following Issues:
  • Controversial Use of Force
  • Perceptual distortions
  • Police Decision-Making and Human Factors
  • Police Policy, Training, and Practice
  • Perceptual distortions
  • Critical Incident Memory
  • Post Critical Incident Interviews
  • Forensic Digital Video examination (Body Camera & Police Video, third party video)
  • Officer performance dynamics and subject interaction
  • Controversial Officer-Involved Shootings
  • Attentional Issues related to police training, experience and context

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